Selling Your Home

Over the years, we've had the privilege of assisting a diverse range of sellers including a considerable number of overseas sellers - who have entrusted us to market and sell their properties with the same level of attention and care. Our track record speaks for itself. Our success is achieved through our strategic skills in negotiation, marketing, handling complex contracts, along with our deep understanding of the intricacies of the buyer seller dynamics.

Before we put your home on the market, it is best to repair areas that need minor repairs and apply upgrades if needed. De-cluttering, de-personalizing and maintaining a clean and presentable home both for photography and throughout the weeks for showing is essential for attracting potential buyers. Be prepared for scheduled showings and weekend open houses to showcase your property effectively. Wilson & Martin will communicate closely with you once we begin to receive offers throughout the negotiation process. Despite the complexities involved, rest assured that our team at Wilson Chiu Real Estate Group is here to provide expert guidance to maximize your gain while ensuring a smooth and successful selling journey with minimal stress.

Setting a Price

Determining the value of your home and establishing the right price is a multifaceted process that involves assessing several crucial factors. These factors include the size, age, condition, and distinctive features of your property, alongside recent sales of comparable properties in the neighbourhood.

Coming up with an optimal price point is crucial. Underpricing your property may potentially compromise an ideal profit, while overpricing can prolong its time on the market, leading prospective buyers to question its appeal and wonder if there is something wrong with the home.

Avoid the pitfall of hastily going with the REALTOR® who proposes the highest asking price. A reputable REALTOR® recognizes the value of your time and avoids the mistake of inflating the property’s value, which can deter potential buyers and prolong the selling process.

With over two decades of real estate experience specializing in the Vancouver and Richmond residential markets, we are confident in recommending an ideal listing price and the reasoning behind why it makes sense.

Costs associated with Selling

Mortgage Prepayment Penalty
If you're planning to pay off your mortgage after selling your home, you may be subject to pre-payment penalties if your mortgage term hasn't expired. Please consult with your bank or mortgage broker to understand the potential costs involved, as they can vary significantly.

Real Estate Commission
Real estate commission refers to the fees paid by you, the seller, to your real estate agent and the buyer's real estate agent for their services. These fees are typically calculated as a percentage of the property's sale price with the amount to be split with the buyer’s agent.

Basic Repairs
Before listing your home, consider undertaking minor repairs or updates to present your property at its best. This may involve tasks like thorough cleaning, decluttering, repainting, fixing leaks, or enhancing landscaping. Costs for these repairs can vary widely, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the scope of work required.

Complimentary Home Staging
We offer complimentary in-house home staging for vacant properties that may benefit from it or those needing rearrangement or enhancement, as it significantly enhances the property's visual appeal. Ultimately, staging often leads to a higher final sale price.

Legal Fees

Allow at least a few weeks before the completion date to select a notary or a lawyer to review and prepare legal documents for the final closing of the property. A notary/lawyer will also verify identities, witness signatures, certify documents, provide legal advice and ensure compliance on all legal requirements so that the transaction can proceed smoothly and lawfully at last.

Moving Costs

Our Marketing Approach

Detailed Market Analysis
We conduct a thorough market analysis outlining market trends and comparable sales in your neighbourhood. Together, we determine the optimal pricing strategy to list your property. Our aim is to ensure you receive the highest return on investment while remaining competitive in today's market.

Seamless communication
Wilson's boutique team of three realtors means speedy response and personalized service. After the initial meeting, we will create a WhatsApp or WeChat group chat with Wilson, Martin & our sellers. Our sellers will have immediate access to communicate with us and all participants will be on the same page.

In-house Staging
Our staging services aim to highlight your home's potential and enhance its appeal to potential buyers. By de-cluttering, removing personalized items and strategically arranging decor items, we create an inviting atmosphere. This helps buyers to envision themselves living in the space. Our goal is to make a lasting first impression that leaves a positive impact.

Professional Photography & Floor plan:
We hire professional photographers using top-tier equipments and ultra-angle lenses to capture stunning shots of your property. Depending on the orientation of your home and the weather, we’ll schedule morning or early afternoon session to maximize natural lighting for optimal results. Accurately measured floor plans will also be produced to enhance buyers’ understanding of the property’s layout and space utilization.

3D Virtual Tour / Matterport
Matterport is a technology platform that creates immersive 3D virtual tours of properties. It allows viewers to virtually "walk through" a property, exploring it from different angles and perspectives as if they were physically present. The immersive nature of Matterport tours engages viewers and helps them gain a better understanding of the property's layout, design, and features. Moreover, potential buyers can virtually tour the propertie at their convenience from anywhere, making it particularly convenient for out-of-town buyers or those unable to attend in-person viewings.

Broad Web Presence
Our professionally enhanced photos and captivating descriptions for your property will be uploaded to Paragon, Canada's leading real estate listing website, accessible to all realtors via the Multiple Listing Service. Listings are also featured on and Wilson's website. Social media exposure from Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat engage followers with newly listed properties and recent sales. Exclusive listings and pre-sale assignments will be promoted on various public online platforms exclusive/presale assignment group chats with a diverse network of local realtors.

Open Houses
We adopt a proactive approach to marketing your home by scheduling regular open houses during the first three weeks it's on the market. Additionally, open houses may be organized following any price adjustments or status changes. We’ll display a highly prominent FOR SALE sign in front of your home to attract local interest and take advantage of the strong RE/MAX brand.

Accepted Offer

1. Congratulations on the acceptance of your offer! Now that we have an accepted offer, we’ll need to accommodate a time for home inspection and wait for subject removal. Once subjects are removed, the next steps revolve around preparing for the Completion and Possession Date, which involves the tasks below.

2. Notify your bank or mortgage broker about the sale. Hopefully you have already had discussions on any potential implications or penalties associated with your mortgage before you listed.

3. Select a notary public or lawyer to handle the legal aspects of the sale. It's best to do this at least four weeks before the Completion Date. We can also refer you one if needed.

4. Arrange for the transfer or cancellation of your utility services effective on the Possession Day. Contact your service providers accordingly.

5. You will meet with your notary lawyer on the scheduled date and time prior to or on Completion Day to sign closing documents. This includes fund transfers, title transfers, and the settlement of outstanding fees. Zoom signing is an option for remote sellers.

6. Plan ahead for your packing and moving needs. Certain moving companies offer packing and moving services or provide boxes for rent.

7. Make sure to update your address with relevant parties, including government agencies, employers, subscriptions, and utility providers.

8. Arrange for cleaners to prepare the property for the new owners. Attend to any agreed-upon requests outlined in the contract.

9. On the Possession Date, it’s crucial to ensure that all furniture and belongings are packed and removed from the property, leaving it spotless for the new owners. We’ll hand over the keys and any necessary instructions to the buyers. Congratulations! You can now move forward with your plans for your new home.

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